Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Confidence in Conveying your OT message


Confidently Conveying your OT message:

* Too often do therapists feel a sense of being alone in their message and practice.  The goal of this course development is to re-ignite the fire under your purpose as a practitioner

to be heard
to be understood
to see results of your advocacy
and most importantly....

bring meaningful occupation back to life for your clients

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Any course offered that is available to licensed OT practitioners may be eligible for Professional Development Units (PDUs also known as CEUs).  It will be prepared with information to provide your local state board (example: course outline and relevancy to Occupational Therapy, Certificate of Completion).

*Please Note: it is the sole responsibility of the practitioner themselves who takes such courses to provide an outline of relevancy to Occupational Therapy and certificate of completion to their local state board to determine if those credits qualify.  

If you are uncertain if an online course counts towards credits or find yourself inquiring from outside the United States, check with your state board for clarification before purchasing this course.  If you just want to expand your OT confidence and knowledge without professional units, enjoy the upcoming courses!

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