I signed into the webpage and felt a ghostly disappointment wave over me as I read the words "FAILED" on the pass results webpage. I was crushed when I found out I failed the board exam. I asked myself in my head:

"was I going to be an incompetent practitioner?" 
"Can I afford to take this exam again? ... I am not working a job!" 
"Will I pass the second time and what if I don't?"

 What went wrong?!?  I soon found out I was missing the steps of how to approach the exam before I even started studying (I studied hard the first round!)... when the grieving process began to fade a bit, I wiped up my tears from feeling like I was the only one left behind on the journey to the next step. The finish line: that ultimate win of becoming OTR/L was here and I had to bravely admit I surrender to the anxiety leading up to the test. It got the better of me! I researched and developed a plan to help me set up for success the second go around.... and it worked!  That's why I created this 2 part video series. 

To give you the plan to prepare before even getting started
Assist you on figuring out the tools utilized to study

To skip ahead to avoid the mistakes I made when I 
delved into studying the material

To support the " I will pass" mindset 

Getting to the source of the roadblocks in your headspace

Helping to increase your odds to pass the exam with confidence 

Here's what students are saying about the video series:

I'm looking forward to providing you with the tools 
to create more confidence for yourself, 
decrease the anxiety building up 
in anticipation of the exam. 

As a result of taking the time out to process and reset,
you will find yourself becoming more productive 
in preparing for the studying process

Congratulations to those future OTs and OTAs who have decided to get a clearer headspace today, click here to get your video series:


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OT interview mindset series is launching 
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On the dock for 2018/2019:
 Occupational Therapy Practitioners

*Travel therapy as a new grad or first time practitioner: need to knows
*Concussion assessment at the acute and chronic stages of recovery: how to initiate in your practice 

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