Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tidying up your Life? Nope... on the contrary! Starting from thebeginning...

Let's discard everything in which does NOT and is NOT bringing you joy!  Paraphrasing...basically this book I tell you about emphasizes this and...

I think she's right. 

I have been stressing myself and pondering, as I look at the clutter of a home I have somehow created, how in the world did I get here??

Is this real life? To be busy all the time, putting things away and sorting through mounds of To-do's in real hardcopy form?

The realization came when I realized I needed to get my digital life right: organize the chaos on my computer

* on the desktop
* random folders
* multiple photo folders
* archives 
    (which by the way, ate all my RAM!)
* my google drive 
    (disaster zone)
* email 
    (oy vey) 
* endless, endless chaos

Well, I listened to the Audio version last night at 8pm and COULD. NOT. STOP.  

I threw out two full trashbags... full of trash! This morning I walk to the dumpster (and this was just after listening, and TAKING NOTES,to two-thirds of the book?   Thrilled. Overwhelmed with the anticipated joy about to come.

I will give full report ( and maybe a few sneak peaks on periscope) of the progress.

How is this related to Occupational therapy you may ask?

Well, in order to have order of our affairs in all we do, we must discard the past and negative connotations holding us back from our ability to act upon what we truly love in our hearts. 

Meaningful day to day occupation has no business having a distraction by clutter, eyeballing us when we walk into our living spaces. HOWEVER! We very much have responsibility to "do" with our hands and after reflecting upon how the process so far has made me feel...doing brings clarity.

Doing brings organization to the mind.
Doing brings ease in remembering those to-do's and where you left them.
Doing is tangible.
Doing is everything.

It is mandatory for us to "do" with our hands. 

Not sure what I mean by that? You'll have to find out to experience it...

Solution seeked and received well. 

Check it out here:

 Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!  (Tip: GET THE AUDIO to take notes)

To establishing joy in your life.

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