As an occupational therapist, Alexis has served over 8,500 clients in practice, breaking down barriers in accessing meaningful, day-to-day activity: the things we need and want to do. 
Assisting those solely in the hospital setting felt limiting in reaching a bigger mission: to serve the global community in accessing their meaningful day-to-day occupations.
This reality came to fruition by serving the community in online format, with most focus on coaching her fellow OT colleagues. Alexis soon discovered after mentoring OT students via live broadcasting back in 2015, it is in fact possible to branch out in delivering her services. 

By utilizing the vast world of social media to connect with her OT and community tribe, a vision is born. 

The ever-growing community of unique individuals continues to grow as Alexis provides a convenience and peace of mind to those who would not have access to OT services otherwise (with a special place in her mission for fellow practitioners).


To maximize the potential of client-centered practice through means of occupation-based service. To inspire, motivate and revitalize the passion for life and human occupation.    

Eliminating occupational deprivation amongst individuals in the community, ensuring occupational justice is manifested and enhancing client advocacy amongst healthcare practitioners and promotion of self efficacy in the client themselves. 

(It is the utmost dream turning reality).

 Received her Masters in Occupational Therapy (OT) from California State University, Dominguez Hills in 2011
Alexis is registered and licensed in the state of California to practice Occupational Therapy 
(Licensed received by CBOT and certified by the NBCOT).  

Alexis's OT background and experience as an OT practitioner can be found on linked-in


What makes Alexis Unique in Practice?

Sharing service of skill-set and experience of her passion and purpose via live video broadcasts.


Providing services to other OT's is essential for Alexis's purpose to:

* To inform colleagues you are not alone and there is a #OTtribe to support you!

 *  To promote skill-set in OT advocacy - what and how to say it

*  Skills training in patient self-advocacy for accessibility to meaningful life activity

*  Revitalizing the passion for which Occupational Therapists had once had for their profession where it may become lost (i.e. burnout, decreased confidence, complexity of interdisciplinary interaction, expectations)

*  To fill in the gaps of skill-set when entering new and unfamiliar realms of OT territory may occur (setting, equipment, etc). 

* Reframing mindset to tap back into the holistic philosophies of the Occupational Therapy practice - what it means to be engaged in human occupation for self and the clients served

Additional projects include Alexis's role in:

* CEU course creation for the occupational therapy practitioner and OT assistant
* preventive health and wellness strategy utilization
* primary care services - bringing occupational therapy where the client lives their occupations
* utilization of OT in emergency departments to reduce hospitalizations and illness 
as well as promote maximum independence for quality of life for clients to live in place.

Exploration of societal needs is essential in Alexis's practice: it is not only a well suited skill for practitioners to be able to adapt in treatment, adapting for societal needs is crucial for growth and evolution of practice.


General population and community clients: 
Providing client advocacy and implementation of systems to navigate life occupational barriers and education is online based via seminars and one-on-one consultation to the general population.  Currently, no sessions are available at this time.
(email info@alexisjoelle.com for updates).

Occupational therapy practitioners and new graduates: 
Although Alexis also provides her colleagues with live video broadcast podcasts and resources; her current focus, excitement and passion is being poured into development of online courses (eligible for professional development units- PDU certificates - email info@alexisjoelle.com to receive course release updates).

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